Bringing you to the game


We use technology to allow professional sports clubs and teams to talk to their fans in a more meaningful way, offering content and rewards while expanding beyond existing commercial markets




SportsSideKick is proud to present Fans Chat, a social hybrid communications platform that transforms the way sports clubs and teams talk to their fans. Fan engagement, social interaction and brand awareness are at its heart, with the goal of growing fanbases in existing and new markets by enabling seamless communication between the two which expands commercial opportunities.


Sharing the stadium experience

Fans at live matches and games can connect with people around the globe to share their experience while giving clubs opportunities to unite their supporters, display premium content and showcase their sponsors.

More than a social network

Of course, Fans Chat is a social network. But it’s much more because it’s built as a true partnership between clubs, brands, sponsors and fans – wherever they are in the world.


Sports viewers who use a second screen


Sports second screen users who buy merchandise during a game


Live TV viewers who have been driven by a social media link


Of all trending Twitter topics in the west are about sport


Growth in time spent in sports apps in last 12 months

The Market

We are different but united

We understand local markets, and we will change the way that sports clubs talk to their fans no matter where they are through localized platforms that cater for the right audience. By bringing your fans together, we create additional opportunities for growth by extending brands into new markets in Asia, Africa, India and beyond.

The Team

  • Maurice Ashkenazi-Bakes
    Maurice Ashkenazi-Bakes CEO
  • Dr. Eli Menachi
    Dr. Eli Menachi
  • Jane Moore
    Jane Moore
  • Chris Reeves
    Chris Reeves
  • Jon Goddard
    Jon Goddard
  • Colin Gordon
    Colin Gordon
  • Ricardo Fonseca
    Ricardo Fonseca
  • Jonny Wynbourne
    Jonny Wynbourne
  • Adrian Broadbent
    Adrian Broadbent
  • Cyrus Bakes
    Cyrus Bakes
  • Rachael May Clarke
    Rachael May Clarke

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